You know those people who say “I’m spiritual, not religious?” That’s not me. Not that I ever considered myself religious either. You might think it a little strange for a pastor to say these kinds of things, but it’s true.

I’ve struggled with spirituality and with religion, and neither of these terms or their associated behaviors is what attracted me to God, Jesus, and the Church in the first place. I just wanted to do my best to follow Jesus.

The thing is, every one of us needs certain practices or habits that will help us keep on track with God.

This podcast features interviews with pastors, authors, artists and other ordinary people about the practical ways they stay connected to God. Find out what practices and habits have worked for church leaders and thinkers, as well as what works for plumbers, farmers, teachers, moms, dads, and grandparents.

Join me for conversations designed to help you stay connected to God!

About Your Host

The Spirituality for Normal Ordinary Podcast is hosted by Matthew Brough. Matthew has been a pastor of small, faithful congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Canada for over 14 years. He has served in a traditional context, been a church planter, and been involved in youth and young adult ministry for many years. Matthew is the author of the Let God books and also a series of fantasy adventure books for ages eight and up. He lives in Winnipeg with his wife, Cheryl, and their daughter, Juliet.

You can find out more about Matthew at mattbrough.com/about

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