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Episode 27 of the podcast features an interview with Bethany Jett. Bethany is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. She has worked on all kinds of projects, including the moving book, Through the Eyes of Hope. She is also one of the founders of the new Serious Writer Academy.

It was truly wonderful to talk to Bethany. She and I met about 18 months ago at the only writers’ conference I have ever attended. Since then, we’ve continued a friendship, mostly talking about writing, and connecting regularly on an online Writers’ Chat that she has helped organize.

Bethany is very open about her life and some of the struggles she faces, particularly with having a military spouse that can be posted overseas. In this interview, she really shows both her strength and vulnerability.

Some of What We Talk About:

  • Living the life God has made for you

  • The importance of Youth groups for teens.
  • Talking to God throughout the day as a Spiritual Practice
  • Finding God in the midst of the day to day moments
  • How finding time for God becomes more challenging in adulthood.
  • The pressures of parenting
  • Teaching our children by modeling spiritual practices
  • providing a foundation for children so they can connect with God
  • Trusting that God will seek a relationship with your children.
  • The Benefits of having a mentor in your Church
  • Trusting that God will take care of you when tragedy strikes.
  • Relying on God when you need strength to get through the day.

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