Erica Barthalow | Holy Doubt – Finding Hope When Faith is a Struggle

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Episode 19 features an interview with Erica Barthalow. Erica has been in various forms of ministry in her life, including three years as a missionary in India. She wrote a not so typical book about her experience there. It’s called Holy Doubt: Finding Hope When Faith is a Struggle.  She admits that three months into her time in India she felt abandoned by God.
Some of what we talk about in the interview:
  • What questions to ask about God: Is God good? Does God cause bad things to happen to us?
  • Unlearning our assumptions about God
  • If we follow Jesus will we always be safe?
  • What are the stories of faith that get told? How do we tell stories of doubt and struggle?
  • How we are changed by living in or visiting a different culture.
  • Not being legalistic about reading the Bible, but attempting to read every day and read through the Bible in a year
  • Praying throughout the day vs. setting aside time to pray.


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