Jen DeCombe | Uncomplicated Spiritual Habits

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Episode 11 of the Spirituality for Normal People Podcast features and interview with Jennifer DeCombe. Jen is the associate secretary for Canadian Ministries, working at the National Office of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. At the end of the interview, there is a really interesting conversation about inviting non-Christian friends to learn about faith.

Some of the Topics in this interview:

  • What role can institutions or denominations play in the development of Spirituality?
  • The ways congregations are struggling with engaging with following Jesus
  • Leadership modelling what they hope for the wider community
  • Daily Scripture Reading – The enriching of life through regular reading
  • Ritualizing Bible study and prayer and linking it to daily activity (like drinking coffee!)
  • Lighting candles at supper
  • Praying the Lord’s Prayer together
  • “Uncomplicated” Spiritual Practices
  • “Resetting” Spiritual Practices – self-discipline and making a decision to go to the Bible.
  • Having grace with yourself when you are in a rut spiritually.
  • Mini-Habits – setting very small goals for connecting with God.
  • Positive Rituals, Habits, and Practices
  • An honest conversation about having a spouse who is not a Christian
  • Inviting non-Christian friends to learn more about faith

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  1. Glen Soderholm

    Thanks to you both, Matt and Jen, for transparency and and wisdom.

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