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Episode 23 of the podcast features an interview with Lindsey Brackett. Lindsey is a writer of beautiful words. From her about page, Lindsey writes: “I like to string words together and make stories and images and memories that live and move and breathe in the confines of the imagination.” She observes life, beauty, grace, and God. Her first novel, Still Waters – (released on Sept 8, 2017), has forgiveness as its core theme.

In the intro, I mentioned a sermon I gave on Sept 3rd, 2017 on calling. Here is a link to the video of that sermon.

Some of What We Talk About:

  • What does it mean to be “worthy” of forgiveness?
  • What are the limits of human forgiveness?
  • What does “spirituality” mean?
  • Spirituality is about seeking fellowship with God and trying to see God every day.
  • Being created with a need to connect with the spiritual because God wants to have a relationship with you.
  • Every day is a gift and that ordinary things can be God teaching us.
  • Writing as an overflow of the experience of God.
  • Being in community through writing.
  • Using your gifts in service for all kinds of people.
  • How fiction and different genres helps people enter into a deeper understanding of God, grace, and theological ideas.
  • Being the same person at church as you are in the rest of your life
  • Why “God won’t give you more than you can handle” isn’t true.
  • Spirituality in the family
  • The home being the primary place of Christian education
  • Having a quiet time with God
  • Having a time of listening to God rather than talking

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