Rev. Dr. Margaret Mullin | Indigenous Practices and Spirituality

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Me and Margaret at Place of Hope

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Episode 10 of the podcast features an interview with Rev. Dr. Margaret Mullin. Margaret is the executive director of Winnipeg Inner City Missions and the pastor of Place of Hope Presbyterian Church.  I had the opportunity to do this interview in person at Anishanabe Place of Hope in Winnipeg and Margaret was so gracious and generous in her honest conversation with me.

Margaret recently received a Women of Faith Award, which you can read about here.

Topics Covered:

  • Challenges of ministry in the Inner City of Winnipeg – 49% Indigenous population, a high percentage of immigrants, amongst the worst poverty in Canada, families who are dealing with generations of poverty
  • There is a great need to discover hope.
  • Spiritual Practices that we touch on: Silent retreats (without any agenda), What is a Sweat and what is a Sweatlodge?; Journaling; Daily reflection time at the end of the day.
  • Indigenous Practices and Spirituality
  • The relationship between Christianity and Indigenous practices
  • What we need to know about Indigenous People in North America.
  • The apology to indigenous people as a first step.
  • The importance of relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous people.
  • The importance of learning the history.
  • What are the best ways to support ministry with First Nations people.

Some Quotes from Margaret

  • “I pray better at the end of a pen.”
  • “There was no problem with the Irish people bringing their celtic traditions with them in following Jesus. So I don’t understand why it was a problem where my indigenous people could not bring their indigenous spirituality with them when they learned to follow Jesus.”

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    Another wonderful podcast that opens up my mind to thought and practise in my Christian life. A time for listening and learning is so important

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