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Episode 36 of the podcast features an interview with Rodrigo de la Sotta. Rodrigo is the director of spiritual formation for Cyclical LA, an organization that develops leaders toward sustainability in a church-starting ecosystem. As a Coach and Spiritual Director, his passion is to help others explore how theological reflection and psychological development can have a meaningful conversation and how sacred space can be discovered in all things. He considers Chico his hometown, though his roots will always be found in his native land of Chile.

Some of What We Talk About:

  • Rodrigo de la Sotta

    Church planting and spiritual health

  • Matters of spirituality are so often assumed.
  • Much of our effort is in telling people how important prayer is, rather than helping them learn to pray.
  • How can sacred space be discovered in all things?
  • Beginning with the assumption that God is present everywhere.
  • The challenge of teaching people to pray
  • Using a prayer of Recollection (see this video)
  • Understanding prayer through a relational lens
  • Are you hearing from God vs. are you simply with God
  • Finding a different starting place in prayer.
  • How do we feel a deep sense of safety and honesty in prayer?
  • How do you deal with a spiritual practice feeling dry or empty?
  • Being process driven rather than praxis driven
  • Understanding spirituality using attachment theory
  • What does it mean for God to be parent and us to be child?
  • God’s posture of responsibility and our posture of trust and receptivity
  • How adoption is a powerful way of understanding the saving relationship we have with God.
  • Having simple anchors throughout the day to remind yourself that you are loved.


  • “Our capacities to love others well is never going to exceed our experienced of being loved well by God and by others.”
  • “We lead with our body in order to open the heart to the spirit of God.”

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