God in the Midst of Everyday Life with Shannon Kiser of Fresh Expressions

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In this 6th episode, Shannon Kiser, speaks about finding God in the midst of a sometimes chaotic and busy life. Shannon is the Director of Training for Fresh Expressions US. She also works supporting the Coaching Network for New Churches in The Presbyterian Church USA and it on on staff at Riverside Presbyterian Church, in Sterling, Virginia.

Some of the things we talk about in this episode:

  • staying on track spiritually in the midst of busyness
  • reading the Bible in a year (or, trying to…)
  • leaning into friends who are people of faith to get unstuck
  • Spiritual practices that work for others that don’t work for “me”
  • thinking about where God is in the midst of life, and being responsive to opportunities to talk about God.
  • How being involved in Fresh Expressions and Church Planting has informed Shannon’s spiritual life.
  • How do you leave space for the Spirit when there are already plans for Church or life in place.

Links and Resources:

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So many people struggle with staying consistent in their devotional life. Here are 6 tips I've learned that can help you get back to a consistent time with God. Some are quick and easy, others will take you deeper.

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2 thoughts on “God in the Midst of Everyday Life with Shannon Kiser of Fresh Expressions

  1. b clarke

    I have really enjoyed all the pod casts so far but this one touched my heart. Walking and praying for what is happening at the moment in my life is a regular experience for me, especially right now as Spring’s new growth appears I am so thankful of all around me. There are also many difficulties right now and I find when I am in this peaceful space I can talk to God about friends and family who are struggling and I feel his peace upon me. I look forward to the next pod cast

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