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Episode 43 features and interview with Jo Saxton and Stephanie O’Brien. Jo and Steph are the leaders and voices of the LeadStories podcast, which focusses on telling leadership stories. They speak about leadership in the broadest senses: at church, in the workplace, at home.
Jo Saxton  is a Nigerian Londoner – A pastor, missional leader, speaker and leadership coach. She is board chair of 3DMovements, and on the advisory board for Today’s Christian Women. Jo is the author of 4 books, including her lastest book that we talk about extensively in the interview:  The Dream of You.
Stephanie O’Brien is one of the lead pastors of Mill City Church. She is a professor for ministry classes at Bethel University and Seminary and has experience coaching leaders and churches around the United States and Canada with 3DMovements, The Missional Network and as well as through her own consulting content.

Some of What We Talk About

This is such an amazing conversation. So much is covered! Toward the end, we of course talk about their individual spiritual practices. Here are our basic topics:
  • Leadership
  • Women in leadership
  • What men in leadership can do to support women in leadership
  • The Dream of You book
  • How can we help people recover/uncover their identity and purpose
  • Understanding your own story
  • Allowing your story to begin having a redemptive trajectory

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