Sundi Jo Graham | Facing Brokenness

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Episode 25 of the podcast features an interview with Sundi Jo Graham. Sundi Jo is an author and blogger, and is the founder of a ministry called Esther’s House of Redemption, which is a faith-based residential discipleship program, located in rural Missouri, offering hope to broken women. They serve women from all backgrounds, ages 18+, who struggle with life-controlling issues, such as alcohol and drug addictions, depression, self-harm, the aftermath of physical and sexual abuse, and more.

You’d think this episode might be super-heavy, but Sundi Jo is great at tackling big issues with grace, kindness, and simplicity.

In the intro, I mention my sermon about the Binding of Isaac, where the opening line was: “What if I told you I wanted you to believe in a god who might ask you to kill a child as a sacrifice?”  Intrigued?  You can watch the video of the sermon here.

Some of What We Talk About:

  • Why forgive and forget doesn’t work.
  • Forgiveness is a big part of healing.
  • The importance of actually facing your brokenness
  • Forgiveness is not a one-time thing
  • Asking God to be your Keeper
  • The importance of reading the Bible and Prayer
  • Counselling matters, friendship matters
  • Why thinking we’re okay on our own is prideful
  • Morning routines: coffee and scripture
  • Journalling
  • Listening to music as a spiritual practice
  • Having a better sleep routine
  • Setting goals

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