Spirituality and God’s Mission with Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart

Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Missional Leadership at St. Andrew’s Hall.  Ross serves as the Presbyterian Director of Denominational Formation at Vancouver School of Theology as well as an Adjunct Professor of Homiletics at St. Mark’s College, UBC. He also teaches regularly at Regent College.
In this interview we discuss:
  • What ministry students need in terms of their spirituality, and the importance of deep prayer practices.
  • A new monastic experiment at St. Andrew’s Hall called The Salt Light House.
  • What do pastors need to do to help people in congregations learn and live out spiritual practices?
  • Embracing a teaching liturgy in worship & why it’s important to explain what is going on in worship.
  • Being in community as a spiritual practice & the problem of isolation
  • What it means for all Christians to be gathered as disciples (learners), and sent out as apostles (sent-ones).
  • Family meals, family worship, family movie night
  • The importance of prayer, scripture reading, and the connection between spirituality and exercise
  • The connection between fatigue, stress, and “spiritual ruts.”
  • Resetting yourself with God through Pilgrimage and prayer walks.
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2 thoughts on “Spirituality and God’s Mission with Rev. Dr. Ross Lockhart

  1. b clarke

    That was really great. We have attended many different churches in our time together and simple differences can make us feel awkward. Our music director will often say something like, sing loudly or joyously because we all know this one. Well, she has been in the Lutheran church for 80 years and we have for 4 years. We mumble through and hope we will know the next one. We love music and those unfamiliar songs can be a challenge when the congregation is small.
    Another change is in the Lord’s prayer, why do Presbyterians say debt, when all our other congregations say trespasses. I asked once at St Johns and was told that’s how we do it.

  2. Matthew Brough Post author

    Hi Barb – here’s an explanation I found about the Lord’s Prayer. I don’t agree with everything here, and the writer is a little tongue in cheek in places, but here you go… http://pccweb.ca/knox-harrington/sermons/the-confusion-of-the-lords-prayer/ It seems to boil down to the fact that debts is actually the closer translation to what the Bible actually says, and “tresasses” is the first english translation that was picked up by the Church and became tradition. Some versions of the Lord’s prayer use “sins.”

    I also had similar experience with music. We can’t assume everyone has the same “traditional” songs. This is even difference from church to church in the same denomination.

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