The Deep Well of Art, Music, and Community with Musician Steve Bell


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Episode 9 of the podcast is with Juno-award winning musician, Steve Bell. This interview was such an amazing experience, recorded in Steve’s own studio in Winnipeg. Steve was incredibly gracious and generous with his time and his honest sharing. Steve shared a ton in this episode, and you can find all kinds of links below that reference just some of what Steve spoke about.

This podcast episode also features several of Steve’s songs, used with his permission.

Below are a few picture of my time at the Signpost music studio. After that are the notes on what we spoke about, some great quotes from the interview, and the links and resources.

The Signpost Music studio.
Me and Steve Bell
Dave Zeglinski doing the recording. Thanks!
Connect with Steve Bell
Some of what we covered in the interview:
  • Following Jesus as a Pathway
  • Interactions with First Nations People and the effect on Spirituality
  • The unhelpfulness of some of Western Christianity’s theological assumptions for our spirituality.
  • Spirituality as relationality and grounded in the Trinity
  • Reading as Spiritual practice and way in to inner quiet
  • Scripture as art
  • The role of music and art in spiritual formation
  • Kindly guides for understanding art (and spirituality)
  • Being deliberate with your Spiritual “diet” to be spiritually healthy.
  • “The Bible starts with the goodness of creation.”
  • “[You should] read 80% from people who are dead and 20% from people who are alive”
  • “If there is this deep relationality that goes beyond words and mere ideas, we need art to get there.”
Links, Resources, and People

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